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WIP: Brotherhood Love by CMBSonic WIP: Brotherhood Love :iconcmbsonic:CMBSonic 2 0 Brotherhood Love by CMBSonic Brotherhood Love :iconcmbsonic:CMBSonic 8 2 Sonic 02 by CMBSonic Sonic 02 :iconcmbsonic:CMBSonic 8 0
Lost Memories: Forever Alone
Far away from the thee party there was a red echidna, sitting in the front of the controller of all emeralds. He's almost always there, staring at the distance, waiting until something would happen. He goes for a walk in the forest of the floating island where the emerald was, when he was certain there wasn't any danger. Or would spar with a blue and sometimes, very rarely a black hedgehog when they came along, they could get really annoying at times, but he took it, it was his job to stay there and protect the life of mobius, the Master Emerald. It was the same everyday, sitting there and protecting it, but he didn't bother, he had grown into it. Sometimes when he really needed to go somewhere or go see someone, he would ask somebody to do his job for a little while, it wouldn't take long most of the times, but sometimes it did. Then he would just take it along, there wasn't any other way. He didn't trust anyone enough to stay there for that long nor would he want someone to do that.
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Happy Easter by CMBSonic Happy Easter :iconcmbsonic:CMBSonic 1 3
Lost Memories: Trying to Ignore
Tails had put the device away, and sat down next to Sonic. Tails felt really guilty of what happened, but he didn't know Sonic felt the same way. Amy didn't know what was going on. A few minutes past, and she got up.
"Well, I guess I should go now, good luck you two." she said nervously before she left. When she got outside she was a little disappointed, this was one of the very few times Sonic didn't ran away, but this time, she left instead. She should of staid and helped Sonic and Tails she thought.
Somewhere else
There was a egg-shaped figure, mocking two robots. The man was growling and the robots looked feared.
"You two useless robots!" the man shouted. He walked further and the robots followed him nervously.
"But Doctor, we didn't do anything this time." the rounder one told the man.
"Exactly, nothing! Why didn't you do something? Because you're useless!" he responded.
"But Dr. Eggman?" the blocky one said.
"Orbot, Cubot. Get out of here!" Eggman shouted.
Orbot and Cubot turned
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I did the thing by CMBSonic I did the thing :iconcmbsonic:CMBSonic 1 0
Lost Memories: Complications
Sonic wanted to run up a hill, but stopped right in front of it. He looked back in the distance, took a deep breath and accelerated to get up. Then you would heard a loud bang, as a sign that he was in fact going faster than sound. He stopped when he was on top of it, and stared at the distance. The glorious view was absolutely stunning. There were waterfalls, a lot of animals, checkerboard shaped hills. There were even naturally formed loopings, it was amazing to see what nature can do. This calmed Sonic down a bit. Whatever happened at Tails' workshop was crazy, for the moment he was there, he didn't even know who he was. Not Sonic the Hedgehog, that's for sure.
He sat down by a tree and stared at nothing. Nothing happened when the time passed by, at least, from what you could see. Sonic's mind was racing, everything he had ever experienced was heading right back. But that was too much to be like thinking about good memories. Even things he had completely forgotten about were there.
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Lost Memories: Cover by CMBSonic Lost Memories: Cover :iconcmbsonic:CMBSonic 0 0
Lost Memories: One strange device (Prologue)
The young fox was in his lab, concentrating.
SUDDENLY, a blur burst in, the fox was shocked because of the sudden noise and wind.
"Ahhh!" he screams.
"SONIC! What are you doing?!" he asks the blue figure.
"What, can't I visit my best buddy or something?" he answers.
"Grrr", the fox growled in annoyance.
"Sonic, don't you see that I'm working on a really important project?!
Sonic closes by, and looks at the machine, wondering what it can be.
The object was small, it could fit in his hand. Something about it made it look like a lazer. Sonic just stared at it, and that made the fox nervous. He didn't know what reaction to expect.
"Uhm, Sonic. What do you think?" he asked...... No reaction. "Sonic?" the fox asks with a small voice. Still, nothing. There was that awkward silence for almost fifteen minutes.
Sonic felt light headed all of the sudden. He grabbed his head with his right hand, and stepped back. He sat down on the couch, in the center of the lab. He groaned.
"Is everything alrigh
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Friends are everything (Anniversary Idea Fail) Ed by CMBSonic Friends are everything (Anniversary Idea Fail) Ed :iconcmbsonic:CMBSonic 4 2 Request: Tails as Yoosung (Digital ver.) by CMBSonic Request: Tails as Yoosung (Digital ver.) :iconcmbsonic:CMBSonic 2 0 A Cloudless Star Night by CMBSonic A Cloudless Star Night :iconcmbsonic:CMBSonic 14 10 Request: Tails as Yoosung from Mystic Messenger by CMBSonic Request: Tails as Yoosung from Mystic Messenger :iconcmbsonic:CMBSonic 3 0 Request: Mega Man by CMBSonic Request: Mega Man :iconcmbsonic:CMBSonic 0 0 CE: Sierranatte's new outfit by CMBSonic CE: Sierranatte's new outfit :iconcmbsonic:CMBSonic 9 1


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First Status update, don't know if anyone's gonna read this, but alright here it goes. ^^;

Maybe you've noticed quite some changes in style from the first time I've uploaded something on dA. Main reason why I'm experimenting with my style (especially Sonic) is because I want to capture his attitude better, while keeping, as some people call it, my 'cute' style.

Also I'll probably be practicing interactions more for the next few weeks/months, because the first person I draw in interactions is always the best, and the second looks misplaced.
The first one is Brotherhood Love:…
The next one is something Boom themed (SonAmy), haven't drawn him in so long ^^;, it'll actually be the first time drawing Boom Amy and SonAmy for me.

If you have any tips for drawing interactions, let me know :)


No journal entries yet.


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First of all, thanks for visititing, I really appreciate it.

Some random facts about myself:

:bulletblue:I'm just some random girl drawing stuff. (Mostly Sonic)
:bulletblue:I've been a Sonic fan since Febuary 28th of 2016
Color: Blue
Food: Pizza?
Animal: Dolphin or Horse
Video Games
Cartoons XD
Voice acting
And a lot more.....

Languages that I know, ranked by how good I know to speak it, and also the status on how it's going:
Dutch language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Still learning Chinese language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Still learning, can't write a lot though ^^;

I first learned Chinese, but know more in Dutch since I live in the Netherlands. So I don't actually know which one is my native one, so I'll put them both.

American English language level INTERMEDIATE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Still learning
French language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Still learning German language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Still learning
Japanese language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Would really like to learn how to speak it properly.……


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